Transportation in Fazilka

Fazilka is a town dividing India and Pakistan. Before partition Fazilka was a main connecting point between India and Pakistan. It connected Delhi to Samosata(now in Pakistan). It has a very well maintained network of roadways and railways. Bus services are readily available from and to Fazilka to many important cities. Both AC and non Ac buses run from Fazilka. It also has a good network of Railways. Many trains run from Fazilka daily connecting it with rest of the Punjab and other parts of India. Fazilka does not have an airport of its own. Amritsar and Ludhiana airports are the nearest airports. One of the major stepping stone of Fazilka in transport is its service of eco cabs which are literary dial a rickshaw facility. Fazilka Ecocabs was awarded with "National Award of Excellence" in the area of Non-Motor Transport (NMT) on 6th December 2011 by the Ministry of Urban Development, Governmental of India.

Transport in Fazilka
Fazilka Railway Station

Airconnectivity to Fazilka

Fazilka does not have a airport of its own. The nearest airports are Amritsar International Airport and Ludhiana Domestic Airport. These airports are at an approximate distance of 220 kms from fazilka. Fazilka is very well connected with Amritsar and Ludhiana through railways and roadways. One can easily avil a taxi or bus from these two destinations to reach Fazilka. railways can also be the choosen mode of transport.

Railways in Fazilka

Fazilka railways is managed by Indian railways and comes under jurisdiction of Northern Railways. It connects Fazilka to many important cities. The railways is the most preferred mode of travel for a longer distances. Fazilka is a defunct rail transit point on the India-Pakistan border ( After partition line linked Amrooka on the Pakistan side opposite Fazilka, to Samma Satt0061). Delhi-Bhatinda-Samasatta line was opened by Southern Punjab Railway Co. in 1897. The line connecting Delhi to Samasatta(now in Pakistan) used to pass by Fazilka. in 1905 extensions were made to railways connecting Macleodganj (now in Pakistan) railway line to Ludhiana. 42 km (26 mi) , 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) wide broad gauge line was recently started in 2012 between Fazilka and Abohar.

Fazilka Railway Station
Location: Cycle Market Road, Fazilka, Punjab, India
Operated by: Northern Railway
Line(s) : Ludhiana-Fazilka line
Delhi-Fazilka line
Station code: FKA

Road Network in Fazilka

National Highway 10 starts from Delhi and ends in Fazilka. NH10 provides connectivity of Fazilka to many important locations in Punjab, Haryana and finally Delhi. Rumble strips, additional signage, and reflective markers are provided on this highway for the safety purposes. Apart from a major connectivity center from Fazilka to the capital city, it is also popular as a famous Anushka Sharma movies is based on a story of travel on the National Highway 10. Not only National highway 10 but State highway runs from Fazilka to Ferozepur and from Fazilka to Malout. Fazilka has been blessed with good road network providing it a connectivity channel to neighbouring important cities.

Bus Services in Fazilka

Fazilka has a very well maintained network of Bus Services. Both private and government buses cater their services in Fazilka. Both public as well as private busses are available from Delhi on daily basis to Fazilka. AC Buses also run to and fro from Fazilka to Delhi. Haryana Roadways Runs Two buses daily from ISBT for Fazilka. These buses covering a distance of about 400kms connects Fazilka to many important cities of Haryana and Punjab like Rohtak, Hisar, Sirsa etc. Apart from these a number of Punjab road transport buses connect Fazilka to many important cities of Punjab like Chandigarh, Amritsar etc. and neighbouring cities like Abohar etc. A number of private buses are also available connecting city to rest of the Punjab. Both Ac and non-Ac buses can be hired. These bus services are a boon to employees and students who have to move to and fro from Fazilka for studies and for their job.

Taxis and Auto in Fazilka

Fazilka is known for its intercity transport. The eco cabs of Fazilka have gained popularity for bing one of its kind. Eco cab service is available from morning 9 to evening 6. Whole of the Fazilka is divided into zones. One can avail eco cabs on a mere phone call. Rickshaws are the main source of commuting within Fazilka, they are also the most preferred source for short distances. There are around 450 rikshaws operating in Fazilka out of which around 150 are associated with eco cab service. Apart from Rikshaws taxis are also available in Fazilka for travelling a longer distances or nearby villages or towns.

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