Economy of Fazilka

Fazlika is largely an agricultural predominant area. Most of the people depends on agriculture. Fazilka before partition was a major wool market before partition. Wool was exported to Britain via the ports at Karachi in Sindh . The wool production is decreased tremendously in recent times. The major crops of the region include high quality cereals like rice, wheat, rice, and others)etc. Citrus fruit called Kinu is grown in plenty in the area. Production of guava and cotton is also done in ample. A number of other fruits are also grown in near vicinity. There are a number of heritage cottage industries in town which include production of woven strings (Waan) made from Sarkanda grass found on the banks of the river Sutlej. A number of small employers are also engaged in the making of tilla jutti, which is counted among the specialty of Fazilka.

Economy of Fazilka
Agriculture in Fazilka

Agriculture in Fazilka

Fazilka town has a wide belt of bet soils of old flood plain along the west bank of river Satluj. Because of aridity and depression like lower position, a large tracts of slightly to moderately saline/sodic soil is found in the area. Fazilka is an agriculture dominant area. Most of the people here are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. A high quality cereals like wheat, rice etc. are grown in plenty in Fazilka. A hybrid, citrus fruit 'Kino' is also grown here. Apart from this large variety of fruits and vegetables are grown in near vicinity. Guava, papaya, cotton etc. are some of the prominent crops in the region. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI) has decided to develop the food park in Fazilka which will be led by International Farm Fresh Ltd having 16% share in the company. Food park is supposed to have around 27 processing and ancillary units processing about 1,80,000 tonnes per annum of raw material whihc will largely comprise of fruits, vegetables, rice and spices.

Livestock in Fazilka

Animal Husbandry has created self employment opportunities and subsidiary occupation for weaker section of the society. Fazilka supports a number of poultry farms and is also famous for its gaushala. Milk Production and Egg Production is quite high in Fazilka. the quality of dairy products is also commendable. New imporoved Scientific Breeding Technique and Effective Health Cover are also offered to the people engaged in animal husbandry. The demand for animal products is quite high in Fazilka, which is very well taken care by the number of livestock in the town.

Jagdish Poultry Farm
Address - Village Kheowala, Bodela, Post Office Chimnewala, Tashil Fazilka. Fazilka. P.C. 152123

Mining in Fazilka

Mining is not a major activity in Fazilka. When it comes to mining the river bed mining of minor minerals(Sand) is the only economic activity being considered. The mining of the sand can be done with a purpose to improve the soil moisture in the agriculture land, also the sand removed in the desiltation process have economic value. As per the geological department the sand deposit here are more than 100 - 300 years old. The mining process to be started will be done by manual opencast method by hand tools without drilling and blasting.

Industries in Fazilka

There are a number of industries in Fazilka including agro based, iron and steel, export industry etc. but the major and large scale industries that have their plans to settle in Fazilka include Punjab's first mega food park (MFP), with a capital infusion of up to Rs.150 crore by a consortium led by agro unit International Fresh Farm Products. It is supposed to be spread across 50 acre of land, the park will have a hi-tech infrastructure for agro or food-processing sector and a value chain from farm to market attracting investors to invest in food processing sector fetching high returns for farmers. The park is also supposed to have a Central Processing Centre (CPC), with a food processing units and a common infrastructure and farm-level facilities as collection centers and primary processing centers. Another industry is Nasa Agro Industries Limited (NAIL) which has decided to invest over Rs 407 crore for setting up an agro industrial park at Fazilka. this industrial park is supposed to give 13000 employment opportunities to the people of whole of Punjab. The main issues that will be dealt with would be water logging, salinity of water, unemployment and poverty of the Malwa region.

NASA Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Fazilka Malout Rd, Painchan Wali, Fazilka, Punjab 152123
Phone:0163 826 2733

Bristal India Steel Industries
Address: 45-47, Gaushala Market,, Fazilka, Punjab 152123
Phone:0163 826 3257

Dhansagar Agro Industries
Address: Painchan ,Fazilka, Fazilka, Punjab ( Central ) - 152123 Land Mark : Near D A V Senior Secondary School 98760 61394 260576, 321777

Minor Cottage Industries in Fazilka

Fazilka is a home to several minor cottage industries. Production of woven strings (Waan) made from Sarkanda grass found on the banks of the river Sutlej is one of the prominent cottage industry of town. A number of small employers are also engaged in the making of tilla jutti, which is considered to be the specialty of Fazilka. These juttiā€™s are also exported to foreign land and are much in demand handicraft.

Tourism Industry in Fazilka

With a large number of tourist places in Fazilka, it has become a tourist hub. Fazilka have a lot many activities to offer to its visitors. A number of temples which counts more than hundred, places arousing patriotism, Indo-Pak border, Black Buck sanctuary, TV tower are all wonderful places to hop around. Fazilka also host a number of events gathering a large crowd. All these tourism activities have given employment to a number of people.

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