Cuisines of Fazilka

If you are traveling to the historic town of Fazilka then don't forgot to enjoy the taste of the city. Fazilka in southwestern part of Punjab is situated very near to Indo-Pak border. Before the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, the area was largely inhabited by a number of Muslims who shifted to Pakistan after the partition of 1947. The culture, traditions, cuisines of Fazilka all are a blend of Punjabi and Pakistani lifestyle. The cuisines of this region are known for their richness and aromatic taste. The food largely includes locally grown staple foods. It includes a variety of vegetarian and non – vegetarian dishes. Some of the international acclaimed dishes from this cuisine include sarso da saag and make ki roti, chole bhature, tandoori chicken etc.

Food in Fazilka

Traditional Food of Fazilka

Since ages people of Punjab are known for their fascination for food. Here festival and occasion are deemed incomplete without a variety of food items and drinks. The food preparation here extensively uses onion, ginger, garlic and lot of spices to enhance the taste of the food. The traditional vegetarian dishes include sarso da saag, chole, and stuffed parathe. A lot of oil and butter is used in the preparation of traditional food of the area. The Non- vegetarian items mainly include different variety of chicken, a very popular curry named butter chicken has been widely liked in different part of the country. Traditional thali of Fazilka consists of different types of breads like tandoori roti, lachha paratha, chapatti, rumali roti, jowar ki roti, parantha, puri, bhatoora,salt-rising bread, naan and kulcha. Traditionally chulla was used for cooking food. For Outdoor cooking and grilling different types of chullas were available. Houses had wadda chulla or band chulla made from bricks, stones, and clay. Older communities used earth ovens (Khadda Chulla).Toasted grains and seeds were largely used as snacks in Fazilka. Sweet meat is a tradition sweet of Fazilka.

Snacks of Fazilka

Pakoras and samosas are highly relished snacks not only in Fazilka or Punjab, they are also much appreciated in northern India including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana. Sattu is another preffered snack of this region. Sattu is made by mixing ground Barley, Millet and corn grains with spices and rolled to balls.Wheat rice and dairy food are the highest consumptions in Fazilka. They form the staple food here. With a huge Gaushala, dairy products are largely used in Fazilka cuisine. The paratha and rotis along with curries, dal and curd makes the main meal of every family.

Fast food in Fazilka

Because of the People craze for good food many fast food stalls have come up in Fazilka. Though there are no big restaurants to serve people, there are many small stalls serving delicious fast food in Fazilka. The craze for continental and Chinese is tremendous among the youngsters. Chinese food stalls, serving noodles, spring rolls can be easily found. Also some of them serve burgers, patties etc. there are a number of stalls and shops serving samosas and pakori. Apart from having a religious and patriotic trip, you can always pamper your taste buds in Fazilka.

Beverages in Fazilka

Not only food, but different drinks are equally relished and preferred in Fazilka. Especially during summers when the temperatures are rising quite high and the throat suffers from thirst every now and then, these drinks proves to be a good savior. A wide variety of drinks never let a person get tired of same drink. There are drinks made of dairy products like lassi, Mango lassi, Mango Milkshake, Chaas etc. Lassi is a sweetened drink made up curd. It is widely famous not only in Fazilka but entire Punjab and now even in other part of our country. Lassi and Chaas are also among the traditional drinks of the region. Fruit juices like orange, water melon, tamarind, carrot are also widely prefferd beverages in this region. Jal-jeera, Shikanji and neembu paani are summer special drinks served chilled, they are effective in quenching trust. Apart from being a snack, Sattu mixed with water is high in demand drink. Doodh soda ( Milk Soda) and bantay (local soda drink) in Pakistan are also very common drinks in Fazilka.

Street food in Fazilka

When it comes to street food in Fazilka, Punjabi Dhabas are famous worldwide. Punjabi Dhaba though is not a specialty of Fazilka, it is famous in entire Punjab. These are small restaurants or shops serving hot and authentic Punjabi food generally on the out skirts of the city or a town or a village. The food served here is hot, fresh, hygienic and finger licking good. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. Apart from Dhabas, a lot of stalls serving snacks like pakoris, samosa, fast food, chola bhatura etc. can also be found in Fazilka.

Restaurants in Fazilka

There are not many restaurants in Fazilka. But one can easily spot small dhabas and eateries in Fazilka. Not having an magnificent ambiance or comfortable seating arrangement, the food served in these dhabas and eateries is tasty. Also the food served here is quite economic as compared to what is served in the restaurants.

Club Pizzeria
Address - Hall Cold Road, Near Pakpatni Sweets, Opposite Mahant Hotel, Hotel Bazar, Fazilka – 152123
Phone Number - +(91)-9417082562, 9592939392

Bala Ji Bhojan Bhandar
Address - M R College Road, Mohalla Anandpur, Fazilka - 152123
Phone Number - +(91)-9814501059, 8968659866

Goldy Da Vashno Dhabha
Address - Near Babu Halwai, Railwar Road, Fazilka - 152123
Phone Number - +(91)-9815503264

Malkeet Juice Corner
Address - Collage Road, Opp Dav Collage Road, Fazilka - 152123
Phone Number - +(91)-9417609785, 9855015043

Sweets of Fazilka

Food is incomplete without the dessert in Fazilka. There is a tradition of serving Gurh or jaggery especially with sarso da saag, which is also known to be good for digestion. Other sweet dishes include famous jalebis, Barfi, payasam locally known as kheer, Rabri etc. Sheer Khorma made up of vermicelli, whole milk, sugar, dates is also famous especially during Eid ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Tosha or sweet meat is the specialty of Fazilka, the Pakistani famous is now a delicacy in Fazilka and a trip to Fazilka without tasting the famous sweetmeat or tosha is incomplete. Made up of cottage cheese with a golden brown color, it is a must buy in Fazilka.

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