Art and Culture in Fazilka

Fazilka is known as a land of cultural and historical heritage. The land arousing spiritual and patriotic feelings is inhabited by people belonging to various sects and religions. The early morning starts with “Prabhat Pheri” from Gurudwara Singh Sabha. Followed by the aarti in hundreds of temples located in the town and prayers in churches and Nawaaz in the mosques. A number of different dialects are used in the town inherited from different regions. Jhumar is a famous dance form of the region which is performed on Jhumar songs. The food of the area is just finger licking good and hence is getting popularity worldwide. Evening are filled with patriotism when joint Indo-Pak retreat ceremony of BSF and Pak Rangers is performed at Sadqi border. A number of other festivals and events are also organized in Fazilka. Fazilka is also famous for its embroidered jutti, which are also a major export of the region.

Religions in Fazilka

Fazilka is home to diverse population practicing different religion. They all co-exist together in harmony. One can attend prayes at Methodist Church, evening prayers at temples, can sing hymns in “Prabhat Pheri” early morning from Gurudwara Singh Sabha, etc. Sikhism is the major religion in the town followed by Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. Hindu Jats are largely found in Fazilka Tehsil belonging to Bagri Jats and the Bishnois. The area was before Indo – Pak partition inhabited by a large number of Muslims, who later after partition went to Pakistan.

Languages and Dialects in Fazilka

A number of Dialects are used in Fazilka from Southern Punjab, Rajasthan, Saraiki, Malwa, and Sahiwal. Some of them are:
  • Rai Sikhs, migrants from Sahiwal (Pakistan) and Kambojas dialect Saraiki and Lehndi
  • Inherited from migrants of deep Sindh and Southern Punjab, Mahajani language
  • Malwai picked up from Faridkot state
  • Majha,s and Doaba,s Theth Punjabi language
  • Jat people famous Bagri

Folk Songs and Dancing of Fazilka

Jhumar dance made famous by the late Baba Pokhar Singh (1916–2002) is the speciality of Fazilka. Pokhar Singh's family propogated "Ravi" style of jhumar. However the local Jhumar dance style is referred to as the "Satluj" style. These are the famous dance styles there till date. Fazlika is also associated with Bollywood personalities such as Malayika Arora Khan and Mandira Bedi who have ancestral roots in the town. Jhummar is a male dominant dance style performed by men. The dance style is performed by all the generations of the house from father, son and grandson. The dance is performed on Jhummar songs. Kurta, Pyjama is the traditional costume for the dance. it is performed with Drum and Dhol. Tappe, Jugni, Mahia, Dhola, Bolian, Jindua, Kafian, Dohre, Sadda, Jhokan are some of the famous folk songs

Fairs and Festivals in Fazilka

All the major festivals of India like Id, Baisakhi, Diwali, Christmas, Dushehra, Holi, and Gurpurab are celebrated with great joy. Baba Bhuman Shah Satsang, is held on May's second Sunday of every year. Similarly Peer Guraya Mela is organized at Nayi Abadi Fazilka. To promote art, culture and food of Fazilka, Fazilka Heritage Festival and Mehak Sarhad Di are organized by the Graduates Welfare Association.To keep the spirit alive every year 17 December is observed as Vijay Diwas and is celebrated with great pride at Asafwala War Memorial jointly by Indian Army and the War Memorial Trust. 15 August and 26 January are celebrated at Sadqui Check Post, Indo-Pakistan Border. Village Ban Wala Mela, Lakhe Kadayian Wala Mela further depicts the colorful culture of the region. Anand Utsav-Environment Festival is also organized by the Graduates Welfare Association

Handicrafts and Costumes in Fazilka

The jutti of Fazilka are very famous and much in demand handicraft from the area. These Juttis are embroidered in a checkered pattern. Pyjama Kurta with a turban is a traditional dress of the men of Fazilka , the dress is accompanied with stylish embroidered Juttis. Women largely wear Salwar suit. The work on them varies according to the occasions. The simple ones for the daily wear and the bright colored and heavily embroidered for some occasions. These are accompanied with dupattas, nalla and parandas.

Cuisines of Fazilka

Fazilka offers a delicious and mouthwatering food to its people. the food served here is rich in oil and spices. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is preferred according to the personal choices. The finger licking taste of the food is making it famous worldwide. The food style is a blend of cusines of Punjab and Pakistan. Some of the famous foods from the area include sarso ka saag with makke ki roti, butter chicken, a variety of tandoori food. Chicken is largey used and is the prominent ingredient of the non-vegetarian food items. A number of vegetarian food items are also made like chole bhature, pakoras, samosa etc. Cottage cheese is one of the prominent constituent of vegetarian dishes. A number of different variety of breads are made here including naan, lachcha paratha, roti, roomali roti etc. dairy products are largely used in the cooking style. Wheat and rice are the staple food of the area. There are a number of beverages available here including lassi, chaas, milk shakes, lemon drinks etc. but the most important and famous speciality of Fazilka is tosha sweetmeat, which is a sweetdish made of cottage cheese and is a must to eat on a visit to Fazilka.

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