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Fazilka located at 30.403°N 74.025°E is part of  Punjab. The city is located on Indo-Pak border and hence have faced many hardships during the time of partition and also during 1965 & 1971 wars between India and Pakistan. Previously a Muslim dominant area, Fazilka is now a secular area with both Sikhs, Hindus and Muslim residing in peace. It now has seven main Hindu temples. The area experiences an extreme climate with hot summers and cold winters. There are many tourist places attracting a number of tourists from across India.

Profile of Fazilka
About Fazilka

The famous Sutaj River flows by Fazilka and then entering Pakistan. Joint Indo-Pak retreat ceremony of BSF and Pak Rangers attracts a number of tourists every evening. The town has many small scale cottage industries. It is also a famous agricultural region producing some of the fines varieties of wheat and rice. The area was also once famous for its cotton production which is now tremendously decreased. The town offers a good transportation medium for its tourists and residents.

History of Fazilka

The city got its name after Mr. Mian Fazil Watoo who bequeathed the land for the township. The town came into existence as municipality in Punjab on 10 December 1885. It was initially added as a part of Firozpur district in 1884. Fazilka was declared a District by Government of Punjab on 27 July 2011. Being on the Indo-pak border, town has seen many hardships during the drawing of Radcliffe line, during the partition of India, Pakistan in 1947. The city was mostly inhabited by muslims before partitions, who shifted to Pakistan after the partition. The town also faced many hardships during 1965 & 1971 wars.

Geography and Climate of Fazilka

Geographiucally Fazilka cordinates at 30.403°N 74.025°E at an elevation of 177 m (581 ft). The town is located on Indo-Pak border. To the west of Fazlika lies Pakistan, to its south is Indian state of Rajasthan, district of Firozpur to its north and Sri Muktsar Sahib to its east. River Satluj passes by the town reaching Pakistan crossing Indo-Pak border. The town experiences extreme climate with very hot summers and cold winters.

Administration in Fazilka

Administration in FazilkaFazilka is a municipal council in the state of Punjab, India. Fazilka has recently on July 27 ,2011 was declared as a district. It consists of three subdivisions Fazilka, Jalalabad and Abohar and three sub-tehsils Arniwala Sheikh Suban, Sito Guno and Khuian Sarwar. The municipality of Fazilka was formed via Punjab Government notification no. 486. Earlier since 1884 Fazilka was part Ferozepur district. Civil Administration in Fazilka plays a very important role in the development of the city.

Municipal Council.
Near Railway Station
Fazilka, Punjab
Phone: 01638-264508, 262116
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://mcfazilka.com/

Police Department of Fazilka

Fazilka lying very close to Indo-Pak border is always under the fear of disturbances. The law and order of such places are very much required. Though Fazilka is a peaceful and religious area with simple and sober people. Police department in Fazilka is very efficient and listen and respond to needs of people of Fazilka with equity and justice. The police department is very well taking care of the security and dignity of the citizen of the town. Public grievances receive serious attention by the authorities. The liberal and effective use of IT and related technology can be very much seen in Fazilka Police department. Police is striving to have a better community and Police relationship in Fazilka.

Women Helpline No.: 8558800707, 01638264000 , 1091
Police Control Room No.: 01638262800,8558800900,100

Community Policing Program 'SAANJH'

Saanjh is a six-tier body of Community Affair Division and State Level Steering Committee. It provides strengthens systems of planning, management, participatory and integrity mechanism, policy guidelines, and support for capacity building. It ensure the networking of CPRCs with other government departments and administrative structures. It provide training to the officers. Also coordinates Sub-division Community Police Suvidha Centres (CPSC) and Police Stations Outreach Centres (PSOC).

Places of Interest in Fazilka

Information on Fazilka
Asafwala War Memorial Fazilka

Fazilka is a famous pilgrimage center for Hindus, it has seven main Hindu temples namely Shiv Temple, Dayra Baba Balbantgiri Temple, Hanuman Temple, Ram Mandir, Parnami Mandir, and the Shiv Temple of Kusht Ashram (in Leper colony). Apart from temples there are other tourist attractions attracting tourists from across the world.

Events and Festivals in Fazilka

Apart from celebrating Indias famous festival like Dushehra, Diwali, Holi, and Gurpurab, Fazilka is known for some of its local festivals and events. Vijay Diwas is celebrated in the memory of our freedom fighters at Asafwala War Memorial on 17 December. Many fests are organized here, some of the most famous are Village Ban Wala Mela, Village Lakhe Kadayian Wala Mela which is celebrated two times in a year, Peer Guraya Mela. 15 August and 26 January are celebrated with great pride and honor at Sadqui Check Post and Indo-Pakistan Border. Graduates Welfare Association celebrate Anand Utsav-Environment Festival, Fazilka Heritage Festival and Mehak Sarhad Di to promote Fazilka art, food, and culture. Baba Bhuman Shah Satsang is organized in village Chak Banwala bodla on every second Sunday of the month of May. Joint Indo-Pak retreat ceremony of BSF and Pak Rangers is a famous daily event.

Transportation in Fazilka

Transportation in Fazilka
Fazilka Railway Station

Fazilka has a good network of roadways and railways connecting it to major cities of the country. Railways here started in 1898 on Diamond Jubilee of the accession of Queen Victoria. Fazilka is connected to Ferozepur and Bhatinda junctions of Northern Railways. Recently a 43 km long railway line shortening the distance to Bikaner by 100kms is constructed to Abohar towards the south. NH10 connectes Fazilka to Delhi via Hissar and Rohtak. State highways connects Fazilka to Ferozepur , Malout etc. Amritsar international airport and Ludhiana Domestic Airport are the nearest airports.
Local transport: there is public bus transport system in Fazilka. For the local transport Rickshaws are the best option. Fazilka supports Fazilka Ecocab Call Centre which provide an easy access to rickshaws on a mere phone call. Read More..........................

Fazilka Railway Station
Location: Cycle Market Road, Fazilka, Punjab, India
Operated by: Northern Railway
Line(s) : Ludhiana-Fazilka line
Delhi-Fazilka line
Station code: FKA

Economy and Industrialism in Fazilka

Fazilka is an agriculture dominant area. Before partition it was a major wool production center.This was largely exported to Britain through the ports at Karachi in Sindh. Now the production of wool is drastically reduced. The fields around Fazilka contribute to the production of high quality cereals like wheat, rice etc. ‘Kino’ a citrus fruit is also grown in ample in the region. Guava and cotton are another major produce of town. The town also has a number of cottage industries which include labour intensive low profit cottage industries such as production of woven strings (Waan) fabricated from Sarkanda grass. The grass is acquired from the bank of the river Sutlej. Making of traditional Punjabi Tilla Jutti is also famous economic activity here. Read More.....................

Fazilka at a glance

Country : India
State : Punjab
District : Fazilka
Languages : Punjabi, Hindi
PIN : 152123
Telephone code : 01638
Location: 30.403°N 74.025°E
Religion: Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam
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