Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary in Fazilka

When you are traveling to Fazilka do not miss Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary which is spread over an area of 186.5 Km2. The sanctuary covers almost thirteen villages of Bishnoi community. Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is a result of an initiative taken by the people of Bishnoi community out of their concern to safeguard the black buck deer. The black buck is a sacred animal for this community and also the State Animal of Punjab. The community is not only considerate about black bucks but lay equal efforts to protect the blue bull also known as the Neelgai. This initiative of Bishnoi community has resulted in a considerable rise of Black bucks with their number reaching 3000. It is a pure pleasure for visitors to watch black bucks running around in sanctuary. The Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over a private land and not like other sanctuaries that are owned by government. The Bishnois does not allow hunters to hunt in the area and thus protecting black bucks.

Eco Tourism in Fazilka
Black Bucks at Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary in Fazilka

It is a privately owned and an open sanctuary. There are few tours and travels agents in Fazilka who can guide you and can arrange your trip to the sanctuary. You can also choose to stay in Jyani Natural Farm, Katehra, Fazilka and enjoy the natural surroundings amidst the blackbucks and blue bulls. Other option is to hire a two way taxi, which will take you to the sanctuary and will take you back to your accommodation.

Important contact number
Contact No: Forest Range Officer, Wildlife- 01634-230979

Main Attractions of Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary, a private nature reserve located in the Fazilka District of Punjab was established temporarily in 1975 and later was established as a sanctuary under the 1972 Wildlife Protection Act in 2000. The sanctuary spread over an area of 186.5 Km2 , covering almost thirteen villages of Bishnoi community in itself attracts a number of tourists. The main attraction of the sanctuary is black bucks. These black buck can be seen running around freely. One can even find these black bucks entering freely the houses in the villages covered by the sanctuary. The flora found here is basically tropical dry mixed deciduous forest. Apart from the black buck and blue bull there are many other animals that can be spotted here like Porcupines, blue bull, wild boar, jackal, porcupines, hare, black ducks and wild boars.

Best Time to Visit Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary

The best time to visit The Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is during the winter season that is from October to March. During winters the weather is nice unlike summers when temperatures are soaring. During winters visitors can easily roam around in the sanctuary. The summer and monsoons are not recommended as the temperature is very high during summer and during the monsoon heavy rains are received.

Do’s and Don’ts in Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Do not disturb the animals
  • Keep distance from the animals
  • Do not litter around in the area
  • Do not carry any arms and ammunitions
  • Do take the photography to keep as the memories.

How to Reach Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary ?

The Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is well connected with all parts of Punjab. The sanctuary is well-connected by road and can be easily reached from Fazilka. Buses, taxis and cabs are available from Fazilka for the sanctuary. The closest airports are the airport of Amritsar –‘Raja Sansi International Airport’ and Ludhiana airport – ‘the Sahnewal Airport’. These airports are well connected with Chandigarh and Delhi. Buses and taxis are easily available from both these airports to reach the sanctuary. Fazilka has its own railways station, which has a good connectivity with rest of the Punjab. From here one can take taxi or cab to reach Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary. NH10 connectes Fazilka to Delhi and it also has a good state road network. Fazilka Ecocab provides the easiest way to reach the sanctuary from Fazilka.

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